EDI Vendors

OK WCC does not endorse, nor recommend any one vendor over another.  If you are an EDI vendor, please send an email to okwccedi@iso.com to have your company's information added to this page.

The vendors listed below are provisionally approved by the OK WCC, subject to successful completion of required testing before live data transmissions begin.  Vendors that successfully complete the required testing will not be required to complete additional testing to submit EDI transactions on behalf of clients acquired by the vendor after testing is successfully completed.

Aerie EDI Group, LLC
Contact: Pat Cannon
Email: patc@aerieedigroup.com
Phone: (434) 509-4494

Ebix, Inc
Contact: Greg Krall
Email: Greg.Krall@Ebix.com
Phone: (678) 916-6461

HealthTech, Inc
Contact: Mark Hughes
Email: mhughes@htedi.com
Phone: (913) 764-9347

Insurance Services Office, Inc
Contact: Larry Travaglia
Email: ltravaglia@iso.com
Phone: (201) 469-2337

MARSH ClearSight
Contact: Jeremy King
Email: Jeremy.King@marshclearsight.com
Phone: (806) 282-6624

Mitchell Workers Compensation Solutions
Contact: Kyle Devereaux
Email:  kyle.devereaux@mitchell.com
Phone: (858) 368-7593

Quick Internet Software Solutions
Contact: Terrell Wright
Email:  terrell@eqiss.com
Phone: (979) 846-3008